Month: June 2014


Move Over Nuts!!!
E C Smith is Taking Residence in the Shell


Though I pride myself in holding a moderate dexterity within the literary craft as a writer and author, there are other identifiers to my entity. A rich and diverse life inspires much of what I write.

There is perhaps no greater joy in life than my two children. In the years of nurturing, teaching and witnessing the growth of my son and daughter, I have relished the joys and trials that come with being a father. I came to be a father prior to the full realization and active pursuit of my passion as a writer. In a sort of training to becoming a writer, I came to know my children first as an all-inclusive passion. Just as a true writer is a writer every second of every day, a true parent carries the roles and responsibilities of being a parent continuously. My kids are without doubt a blessing and profound inspiration to all I do in life.

In addition to writing and parenting, there are other hobbies and interests helping to congeal the active side of my life. Reading is something I will sneak in anytime there is a second to spare. Though no genre can claim safety from my raking eye, I do tend to lean toward the fictitious end of the literary spectrum and the vast majority of its sub-genres. Kicking back with a great Alternate History or Science Fiction novel on a comfy couch while the snow flies outside or a on a white sandy beach amongst lapping waves could be categorized as a perfect day.

Anything transportation from hot air balloons to top fuel dragsters are points of fascination for me. Having grown up amongst a gear head dad, and attending a countless number of national scale auto shows, one could say a love for the machine is in my blood. I maintain the state of “gear-head” is some sort of genetic anomaly. Eventually my profound love for the machine found a degree of specificity amongst the fascinating world of two wheelers. During a summer weekend, the relentlessly twisting roads of the Colorado Rocky Mountains often set the stage beneath a set of soft compound tires attached to a Hayabusa and I as the road rocket’s knee dragging pilot. When seasons change and the asphalt carving block is masked in a non-ride conducive blanket of snow, I tend to satisfy my craving for the corner atop a snowboard within the same majestic mountain range.

While I am a creator amongst the art of writing, I enjoy taking a solely appreciative stance amongst other forms of art. Music is a mainstay in my life and often a source of inspiration in my writing. From Trip-Hop, Progressive House, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock and good old Heavy Metal, it is a rarity to not hear music playing wherever I may be. In addition to art for the ears, I also find appreciation amongst artistry for the eyes. With a broad appreciation for all things artistically portrayed, I do take a more particular interest in an anything but “point and click” approach to photography, 1940’s pinup art and the craft of tattooing.

One’s being can hardly be encapsulated amongst their hobbies and voiced appreciations. I would venture to say my personality is as dynamic and complex as any. A diverse range of writing amongst this platform will be witnessed by its readers that will continually showcase the writer’s mind. My mission: to provoke thought, appreciation, laughter, praise and criticism while enriching the lives of those who dedicate even a fraction of their time toward reading my work. I write because I must, whereas the reader reads because he or she wants. Realizing this simple point, there is no measure to the sincerity of my thanks to you dear reader for your time and your comments, whether they are those of praise or criticism.



How a Writer was Formed

Ethan Charles Smith was born sometime between the fully realized invention of the ballpoint pen in 1931 by Bíró László József of Hungary and the first publishing of Steven King’s The Shining in 1977. Though the calling of pen to paper would give way to the now more commonly exercised keyboard and digital canvas prior to his calling to writing, his predilection of the written word began at an early age. As a commonly utilized form of internal combustion engine uses four specific cycles to harness and translate its power, E.C. Smith’s birth as an author can be simply described using those same necessary cycles.


Ethan’s beloved late grandfather Clyde Farris Smith was perhaps the greatest influence and catalyst behind Ethan’s literary aptitude. Clyde was a World War II veteran, a skilled craftsman, a poet and a story teller to boot. He had a way of crafting words including a fair dousing of precisely placed profanity that would draw a crowded room to attention. In a verbalized form of mosaic, crude shapes and sounds of words would float on the breath of his gentle voice to form an enticing, descriptive masterpiece. A still very young Ethan paid homage to the power of his grandfather’s ability to tell a captivating story, and hoped one day, he too would be able to bring such appreciation from others.


Like all great things achieved, Ethan’s ability needed a little push. Bringing appreciation from others by way of a great story in written form was first realized when his mother sat down with him and helped him create a short story about a squirrel for his second grade class. Ethan loathed homework, but by the end of the project, the seed that had been planted by his grandfather had received the water it needed to grow. Writing a story with nothing more than imagination and a pen was amazing! The compression stroke of Ethan’s journey did not stop there however, nor has it waivered since. Ethan continually utilizes education, criticism and support from numerous sources including those closest to him.


A gathering of events and adequate nudges eventually began to take shape into a perfect mixture. Support, a fascination with reading, raw talent and a desire to leave a mark on the world were metabolized in Ethan’s mind to become an incendiary cloud awaiting a single spark. “Just give it a try” lit a crackling synaptic fuse through his mind wildly burning a path through reservoirs of imagination. A vast world congealed on the heels of a fully formed idea while the irrepressible fuse of thought translated this malleable new world through description. In a flash of inspiration, Ethan’s life found its super highway of mundane daily responsibilities and societal expectations supplanted by a challenging and narrow path of passion.


Synaptic relays wildly harnessed ingredients from an endless supply of imagination. The mountainous load was efficiently trailered through the cerebellum and motor cortex, eventually finding its way to Ethan’s fingertips. Keys fervently clattered in a rhythmic fury beneath those fingers while an empty, white digital canvas began to fill with an imagined world created solely for the consumption of the real world’s readers. Much like the four cycles necessary in an internal combustion engine, an author was born. Through these four distinctive cycles, and endless process began. A one hundred thirty-three thousand word manuscript has been recently completed, while many more literary pieces are in progress. As long as he breathes, the destined path will be followed, the cycle will never end. In this way E.C. Smith is PerpetualWrite.