Replace Your Filter with a Razor’s Edge of Truth

I honestly do not think there have been truer words offered as advise to writers.  Of course, this is offered up by Ernest Hemingway; an author who is undoubtedly one of the most influential writers of the modern era.  A literary master who also gave us the advise “To get started, write one true sentence.”

Though I am writing this very post under the blissful influence of an aromatic and quite tasty Moscato, I am in no way promoting the belief that one should only write while smashed off of their ass.  I am simply stating the importance of shedding distractions, anxieties and all that would prohibit the freeness of mind necessary in writing literary works which are contributory to those who will read them.

With a disclaimer now firmly in place, it is often said, “A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts.”  Is there more truth than the thoughts we harbor beneath the filter of our inner monologue?

With this foundation as justification, I say write writers!  Write with reckless abandon; pound those keys into oblivion under the duress of relinquishing the truest of truths and purest of emotions.  Afterward, revisit your piece of immaculacy.  Focus upon it with clear scrutiny.  Sharpen your literary portrayal to the world into an edge capable of slicing the most hardened of hearts.  This is our duty as writers.  We are to convey with words that which cannot be put into words.  We are to unleash, perplex, challenge and enrich the very souls of our readers.  Though we may write fiction, the greatest of fiction is grounded in truth.  Elaborating upon one of the greatest writers to ever live, I say pour the wine and pull the inhibitions of filtered thought.  Take a few aspirin in the morning, and then relinquish the honesty of your life’s calling by editing your truth to speak to its readers in ways that will change their lives forever.

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