Challenge the Writer


Hey Follower!  How about a shot at winning something?  Keep reading to find out how!

One of the most exciting and challenging parts of being a writer is the constant need to push ourselves from the perch of our comfort zone into the limitless diversity of our craft. Good fiction writers display creativity within varying plots and concise character development amongst a myriad settings and genres.

After much thought, and a bit of inspiration, I have decided to throw my writing comfort into the winds of sheer chaos. I feel said mayhem will be as advantageous for me, the humble and avidly passionate writer, as it will you, my treasured followers, critics and dare I say, fans. I want you to… Hell, I would be downright honored if you would put my writing skills to the test.

How to Challenge the Writer

Inspired by the NYC Midnight Challenge amongst other writing competitions, you get to pull three components of a story right out of your butt for me to create a short story around.  Once you have amassed your writer stumping trifecta, go to the Contact E C Smith link at the top of the blog and fill out the information, or email me at Make sure to include “Put the Writer to the Test” in the subject line and your three part concoction in the comments section. Check out often for challenge dates, or better yet, click the Follow link on the right sidebar to receive post notifications in your email.

The three literary items and brief descriptions are as follows:

  1. Genre. Pick your favorite or pick your significant other’s favorite. Hell, pick your roommate’s cousin’s former tenth grade lab partner’s ex fiancé’s favorite genre. Here’s the list.
    • Crime
    • Fantasy
    • Horror
    • Romance
    • Science Fiction
    • Thriller
    • Western
  2. Location. This can be anything from an event such as a wedding or wine tasting, to an actual physical place such as a cruise ship, a remote island, a specific city, or even a different planet. The sky is the limit!
  3. Object. An object is every bit as infinite as the location. Use whatever may come to your mind, from the empty toilet paper roll you meant to replace earlier today, to press-on fingernails.

My Part

Now that we have established your much appreciated contribution to the challenge; it is time for me to divulge my end of the bargain. Genre/Location/Object Submissions will be selected randomly. After winning a called in the air heads or tails flip of a quarter, one of my two children will choose a number between one and the total number of submissions sent to for the challenge. The number chosen will be the submission used unless the randomly selected submission does not include the three necessary components as outlined above. In the event of an unusable submission the selection process via airborne coin and number selecting spawn will repeat until a submission formulated by one who can follow simple instructions can be found. Once the process of random selection is complete, I will have exactly one week to write a short story 5,000 words or less incorporating the selected grouping of genre, location and object.


Sounds fun right? Well, it gets better. After the short story is written and posted to this site, all of my blog followers will have the opportunity to offer your feedback. Once again, simply follow the Contact E C Smith link at the top of the blog and fill out the information, or email me at This time around put “Critique” in the subject line followed by the title of the story I wrote for the challenge and posted to this site.

Whether you feel I have written a life changing masterpiece or a steaming pile of rhino shit, I am more than happy to hear your opinion. You have to tell me why you feel the way you do. Telling me why you feel as you do about the piece I have written will help me realize my strengths along with my weaknesses so I may better fit your expectations as a reader.

What You Could Win

Yes, you can actually win something after giving me something damn near impossible to write and critiquing the hell out of me after it is all said and done. As a show of my appreciation to you beyond my words of thanks, I will give a $25.00 prepaid credit card to the follower responsible for the randomly chosen three part submission. In addition to the potential of being rewarded for your submission, your critique can pay off as well. I will select the two most helpful critiques to be posted on, and the writers of both will each receive a $25.00 prepaid credit card as well.


  1. Choose a genre, a location and an object (GLO) then submit them through the Contact E C Smith link at, or by email at
  2. A GLO submission will be randomly selected, and a prize will be given to the submitter. I will use the GLO submission to write a short story 5,000 words in length or less, and the story will be written over the course of one week.
  3. After the short story is posted on, Perpetual Write followers may critique the story. Critiques may be sent using the Contact E C Smith link at, or by email at Critiques will be accepted up to two weeks after the finished short story has been posted. Two of the critiques submitted will be selected and posted on, and their respective writers given a prize for their submittal.

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