Story Time

Welcome to Story Time!

This segment’s ultimate purpose is twofold.  Story Time is designed to showcase my passion for writing and to give my followers what they seek most…  Something to read!

While other areas of PerpetualWrite are also designed to pacify the reading and writing needs of my growing number of followers, Story Time is set to be a guilty pleasure for the readers.  So come on fellow fiction glutens; bury that ravenous mind of yours in my literary candy dish, and get your fill of fiction.

I am very excited to introduce this segment to PerpetualWrite.  A fellow writer friend told me there are three types of writers: pantsers, plotters and a combination of the two.  While I am a combination of the two, I do lean heavily toward the pantser end of the spectrum.  This means I tend to write by the seat of my pants rather than plot out every detail prior to allowing my keyboard slaying fingers direct access to my eclectic imagination.  Since pantser is a huge part of my writing personality, I feel this segment will be equally exciting for me as it is for my reader (barring I don’t concoct a steaming pile of literary crap or, hit an impassable dead end in one of my rolling stories).

We all have those book series and television shows we just can’t miss.  My hope is to provide a form of reading in a rolling story format that will hook its readers and keep them coming back for more.  As always, I am eager for your feedback whether it be comments of praise or constructive criticism.

Click a link below to start following a story.

Resistance, Chapter One

Resistance, Chapter Two


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