Two Wheels and Tunes

Welcome to Two Wheels and Tunes!

If there is one thing a writer does both on and off paper, it is dreaming stuff up. Inspiration can come from a host of sources, but most importantly, the writer’s mind must be in a frame to allow a spark to become a flame.  When I’m looking to line up the stars in my own mind, I call on a couple of different outlets…  Two Wheels and Tunes.

Twisting the throttle on my motorcycle around a tight curve amongst the Rocky Mountain twisties, and tromping over boulders single track style on my mountain bike produce the same result. Adrenalin, a shit eating grin and an instant reset button for a cluttered mind.  A clear mind is far more susceptible to inspiration than a mind full of drama and angst from the daily grind.

Music is nothing shy of an integral part of my writing. Whether its lyrics, melody or a beat, music can accentuate emotion, help story and character development and turbocharge imagination.  Amongst the vastness of our minds, music can be a tour guide to lead us into the most extreme and remote areas of our creativity.

Check out the submenus under Two Wheels and Tunes.  Each are dedicated to my necessary outlets for writing inspiration.

Do you have a two wheeled addiction just like I do?  Feel free to contact me and share your story.  Hell, if enough PerpetualWrite followers find a love for carving asphalt or conquering obstacles not meant to be overcome by a bicycle, I may just have to set up some group rides.  On the same note, feel free to share the music that inspires you! I’m always looking for another tune to help sink deeper into a writing groove.

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