Well hello dear reader, or perhaps hello again. Either way, it is my utmost honor to welcome you as an appreciated guest to PerpetualWrite. While this site is designed to showcase my passion for writing, it is likely to provide an eclectic blend of literary styles, and subject matters. The only constant amongst PerpetualWrite will most certainly be its perpetual state of evolution.

Feel free to browse the menus above in search of something to pacify whatever craving you may have as a reader. After doing so, I would very much like to steer your attention toward two key areas of this site. The first of these is the Contact E.C. Smith tab found in the top menu. I obtain an indescribable passion for writing, but said passion is only fully complete once my work has been received by its readers. I am constantly pursuing the advancement of my aptitude as a writer; therefore critique with specificity is always welcome regarding this site or anything I post. On the other side of the coin, positive comments are also welcome as they will help me continue writing in ways most appreciated by you, the reader. The second area of this site I would like to draw your attention toward is the Follow link at the right hand of this page. By becoming a follower of PerpetualWrite, you will receive notifications whenever I post something new.

I cannot stress how appreciative I am for your visit dear reader. This site will continue to grow with literary additions and followers alike. My pursuit of becoming the caliber writer who will leave a lasting mark on the world will be unrelenting. The lasting influence I strive to achieve could never be attained without a consumer. My most sincere thanks and the very fuel to my passion to serve through the art of writing belongs to you.

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